First release of PyShen - a port of Shen in Python

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new port of Shen in pure Python. This port supports Shen version 11 and it passes the Shen test suite.

The implementation of the parser and compiler follows the ShenRuby port of Greg Spurrier. The compiler generates directly Python bytecode with the Python AST module.

The source code is available on GitHub at . With Python installed you can launch the repl with:

$ python
>>> import pyshen
>>> pyshen.pyshen()
Shen 2010, copyright (C) 2010 Mark Tarver
released under the Shen license, version 11
running under Python, implementation: pyshen
port 0.135 ported by Matthieu Lagacherie and Yannick Drant


Any questions, bug reports, and other feedback on this release are welcomed.